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Tom Cruise is pushing it by filming a movie in space
It was confirmed last week that Nasa was working with the Mission: Impossible star and Elon Musk’s SpaceX to make this mission truly possible and film a movie aboard the International Space Station.

When Tom gets over the crushing G-forces on the eight-minute ride to orbit to even get to his set, he’s then got to film the thing in a place where the absence of gravity is not your friend.

Will Tom be the only one going to space? Will crewmembers be expected to undergo zero-gravity training in order to operate equipment, will make-up artists be chasing their brushes through the ISS for touch-ups? Or will the director be shouting ‘action!’ from Houston?

Surely they won't be using a go pro strapped to Tom for the film?? Especially not for a film with such a huge budget!

Only time will tell!
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