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Movie Theaters May Be Acquired By Amazon
    As AMC Theatres struggles financially because of the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon is reportedly considering buying out the company.

AMC's financial woes have led to Amazon considering buying AMC. According to sources speaking with The Daily Mail, it's unclear if the discussions are still ongoing, but Amazon seems to be interested in acquiring the theater chain. Because of AMC's near-bankruptcy status, the chain would be cheap and easy for Amazon to purchase. Neither Amazon nor AMC commented on the potential sale. This is not the first time Amazon has considered purchasing movie theaters; the company previously considered buying Landmark Theatres, though they lost out to Cohen Media Group.

Amazon's acquisition of AMC could have a massive impact on the entertainment industry, largely because of Amazon's role as a streaming service. Putting AMC in the hands of Amazon would give the latter the power to control thousands of screens and thus promote their own content to a greater degree than before. This is especially significant now because of the continuing debate of movie theaters versus streaming, which is the primary cause of AMC's fight with Universal. Amazon buying AMC would bring the two platforms together in a way that hasn't really been done before.

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